Phoenicians Restaurant: History, How it all began

For four and a half long years Robert Rahal and his wife Rindala have put their “blood, sweat and tears” into what we now call “Phoenician’s Lebanese Restaurant.” Robert, an established businessman, owns “Robert’s Fine Jewelry” across the street at 1687 Central Ave. and has for about 18 years. He has seen the building that is now his restaurant transform from various establishments including: a pet store, a taxi cab service, and an accounting firm. Initially, when the former owner had approached Mr. Rahal to see if he was interested in purchasing this building, Rahal declined. After months of pondering the idea of a Lebanese Restaurant, Robert had a change of heart. He had always wanted to own a restaurant and this was his opportunity. Several years and a great deal of work later, he welcomes all to enjoy his exotic Mediterranean cuisine.

New Menu 10/14

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