Dear Roberto, Wife, + Daughter.

Thank you so much for such wonderful food for our party! And so much of it! It was well loved by our guests and some of whom know your restaurant well. Thanks!

The owner was delightful. We had to sneak out so he wouldn’t keep bringing us more food and coffee on the house. If we are in the area again we will definitely return.

Nice place…small family owned. I will be there many more times. The food tastes authentic and has the homemade feel….

Dinner at The Phoenician’s is always a great experience. Robert, the owner, is always upbeat and you can’t help but be pulled into his joy of the day. We often end up having a conversation with a neighboring table about how wonderful the food is. The atmosphere with its vibrant murals on the walls and ceiling make for an all encompassing experience.

Very enjoyable lunch – Thank you. We are looking forward to dinner soon.

We love The Phoenicians restaurant. Having this in the reward zone dining was a bonus. The owners Robert and chef Rindala are very charming and accommodating. The food is excellent as were the portions. We have recommended and taken many of our friends here. Lovely atmosphere. Always a good meal.

My husband and I had the most amazing meal! We had never had Lebanese cuisine before so weren’t too sure of what to order. Robert (owner/server) was wonderful in suggesting appetizers, meals, drinks, etc. and was most excited in sharing his Lebanese cuisine, ingredients and how the food was prepared. He was welcoming and friendly and really added to the whole dining experience. We will suggest the Phoenician to friends and family and will go back, for sure…many times!

We stumbled upon this gem of a restaurant when I was in Albany for work. We were looking for something Mediterranean and were very pleasantly surprised. The owner, who served us, was energetic and entertaining and the food was certainly something to get excited about. We will return when back in town.

Excellent service, excellent food. Robert was very nice to talk to and we will be back!

This was a very pleasant dining experience, made even more pleasant by the very friendly owner. We were welcomed right as we walked through the door, and were on a first name basis with him before we even ordered. He was very entertaining and genuine, and you could tell he is like that with anyone who comes through his door. The food was plentiful, and delicious! If you are looking for great food and a service experience unlike any you’ve had before, I recommend The Phoenician’s!

Family run resturant. The food is great. Owner makes you feel like you stepped foot in his home and would love to share his food with you. Will stop by again when we want Lebanese food.

What a wonderful restaurant. After a 7 hour flight from the west coast, I was starving and almost stopped at a fast food place, but I’m glad I checked yelp first and found Phoenician’s Restaurant.

I loved the Jasmine tea and was dreaming of it to this day. It is wonderful, very sweet but I just love the fragrant taste. The wait staff was extra friendly and attentive. Answered any questions we had about things on the menu. Food was good and they subsituted things for other items. A great place to go definetly recomend it.

Great food and service.

I went here tonight for dinner and I had an amazing time! The restaurant was beautiful and very tastefully decorated, it was very clean and nicely organized. The people waiting on us were extremely helpful and just amazingly friendly and inviting.

The food and drink was beyond amazing and they have a large selection of vegetarian food and many of the vegetarian dishes can be made vegan easily without sacrificing taste. When I asked about the dairy content in the dishes the staff was very helpful and didn’t make a scene about it. I didn’t feel rushed at all and in fact I felt quite the opposite.

While I was there I had the Vegetarian Platter (w/out sauce), Stuffed Grape Leaves, Namoura and Jallab and all of it is highly recommended. Also, the food was very authentic so if you’re big on authenticity, you will find it here! I definitely plan to go back!

Definitely one of the better restaurants I’ve found in Albany.

A co-worker handed me a copy of their menu one day and, as I’m highly suggestible, I immediately decided The Husband and I should go for dinner that evening.

We had the appetizer sampler and two pita wraps, all of which was very good. Our server was a very pretty girl — probably the owner’s daughter — who was attentive and sweet. I loved that when she brought the appetizer platter, she identified each item for us. We didn’t need it, but there’ve been times at other restaurants when that would have come in handy, so I appreciated the extra effort. The owner came over near the end of our meal and greeted me by name (turned out the aforementioned co-worker knew the owner and called to say I was coming) as though I were an old friend.